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Netcare employee accused of dumping dog plans legal action against person who posted claim on Facebook

The Netcare Group says an employee who was this week accused of dumping one of her dogs on the side of the road, had in fact been nursing her distressed dog, and she will now take legal action against the person who falsely accused her.

The woman, who had been clad in Netcare uniform, had been accused of dumping her dog by Madaleini Nel, who confronted the woman about allegedly dumping her dogs.

In a Facebook post which has since gobe viral and been shared more than 6 000 times, Nel accused the employee of dumping the dog on the side of the road.

The viral post has yet to be deleted as of Friday.

“The passer-by took photographs of this event, without permission, and posted them online along with her own assumptions that this was an attempt to abandon the dog.

“As a result, our colleague has been publicly berated and maligned.

“Public outrage about the unfounded post has reached such proportions that the family are now afraid to drive their own vehicle, for fear of being harassed or attacked.

“They have decided to take legal action against the individual who misinterpreted the event and who has caused them a great deal of harm by levelling these false accusations against them on social media,” said Ndzwayiba.

He said Netcare would arrange counselling to assist the employee and her family.

“This has truly been a terrible ordeal for our colleague and her family, for whom Netcare is arranging counselling to assist them in overcoming this traumatic experience.

“ We trust that the information provided in this statement brings some much needed clarity to the situation and that the family will now be left in peace to recover,” said Ndzwayiba.


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