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Several LiquiFruit drinks recalled due to ‘high levels of a dangerous toxin’

A mould toxin, which is mainly found in rotting apples, was detected in several LiquiFruit products sold on by Pioneer foods.

The group was forced to issue a full recall for five separate items on Thursday after the discovery that the products contained unusually high levels of mycotoxin patulin.

High levels of this fungus in your body can cause serious nausea and vomiting. A statement was released by the company last night to quell consumer fears, insisting that this course of action “was a precaution”.

The statement said: “The health and wellbeing of our consumers is of absolute importance to us, and hence when we identified the potential of a food safety issue, after in-house standard testing and engagement with one of our local suppliers, we immediately launched an internal investigation into all our 100% apple juice products”.

Various brands of apple juice have been recalled by Pioneer Foods:

  • LiquiFruit Clear Apple (250ml carton) | Barcode: 60052599
  • LiquiFruit Clear Apple (330ml can) | Barcode: 6001240225561
  • LiquiFruit Clear Apple (300ml can) | Barcode: 6001240239346
  • LiquiFruit Clear Apple (1 litre carton) | Barcode: 6001048000339
  • Ceres apple juice products sold OUTSIDE OF SA have also been recalled

Customers will be able to return these items to the store of purchase, where they will be granted a full refund.

Sources: MSN, The World News

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