62 Year old Farmer stabbed to death, farm house set alight


A 62 year old man, Henk Burgers, died on Sunday morning in the Vrede Free State hospital after he was attacked and stabbed by home invaders between Saturday night and Sunday morning 27 June 2021. The house in which Mr Burgers stayed was also set alight by the attackers.

Mr. Burgers stayed alone in the house and was barbarically stabbed all over his body and head and severely beaten with knobkieries. A neighbour and a security officer carried Mr Burgers out of the burning house.

An ambulance took Mr Burgers to the Vrede hospital where he died.

It was also reported that the fire department did not come out because nobody could reach them. The house would not have burned out if the fire department responded.

Day after day, week after week, the brutal black-on-white violence on the white minority in South Africa continues.

A white person is murdered, raped or seriously injured on a daily basis by black attackers and the liberal mainstream media is deliberately hiding this information.

We can not allow them to hide this information any longer so please share reports like this on social media.