Black Mamba in your bedroom: Durban teen’s nap turns into a nightmare


Snake rescuer, Nick Evans reported that he received a call from a panicked young man in the Welbedacht area in Chatsworth, Durban on Friday, 19 March after the teenager spotted a Black Mamba in his bedroom. After the terrifying sight, he swiftly exited the room, shut the door behind him and called for help


Help arrived in the form of Evans, who is dedicated to protecting and conserving the amphibians and reptiles of KwaZulu-Natal via educational and awareness programmes. The teenager was reportedly enjoying an afternoon nap when he was woken up by the sound of things being knocked over on the bedroom floor before spotting the Black Mamba, according to Evans in a Facebook post.

Evans reported that the large room contained two beds and was divided in two by a wardrobe. This meant that the animal could be anywhere and therefore he proceeded with caution.

The teenager’s bed was on the far side of the room and the snake was not under the first bed and couch the snake rescuer had to walk past.


Evans eventually made it to the far side of the room but still could not gauge where the Black Mamba was because of the poor visibility in the cluttered room. Next, Evans, the caller and his friend, decided to move the blankets and the mattress outside the bedroom.

“As I started lifting the mattress, I noticed some wooden beams across the bed base, for extra support. Then, to my amazement, there was the Black Mamba, curled up under the mattress, in the gap made by these beams!” said Evans.

The rescuer instructed his impromptu assistants to immediately vacate the room as he did not know how the snake would react.