Huge nationwide strike due soon in SA – unless THESE demands are met


The unmistakable scent of industrial action is in the air once more this week, as The South African Municipal Workers Unions (Samwu) confirmed that they were ready to embark upon a nationwide strike IF their demands are not met.


With a large network of municipal workers in their ranks, A Samwu-led strike would have the potential to shutdown parts of Mzansi. But why are they now at the end of their collective tether? Well, it’s all covered in their list of demands.

  • – Samwu has demanded a 9% increase for all municipal workers across the country.
  • – This would see members earn R4 000 more, and the union represents more than 150 000 workers.
  • – Government has tabled a proposal of a 2.8% salary increment – more than three times lower than Samwu’s demands.
  • – The South African Local Government Association (Salga) says it cannot go higher than 2.8% ‘due to the pandemic’.
  • – Furthermore, the union wants a housing allowance of R3 500 and cellphone allowances of R2 000 for ALL members.
  • – Samwu is also demanding an 80% medical aid contribution from employers – otherwise, a nationwide strike will take place.


Samwu deputy general secretary Dumisani Magagula has talked up the chances of the union leading a nationwide strike in the weeks to come. Monday is a crucial day for negotiations, but if things don’t swing their way, Samwu and Magagula are prepared to take to the streets – and they won’t budge on their ‘fundamental demands’

“Our sneakers are ready for the streets. We place on record that should the facilitator’s proposal which is expected to be issued to parties tomorrow (Monday) does not address the fundamental demands put forward by our members, such a proposal will outright be rejected by our members who have given us a clear mandate for these negotiations.”

“Salga wants workers to get on their knees to beg for the demands that they have put forward. We are not going to bend over backwards to Salga on the bread-and-butter issues of our members.” | Dumisani Magagula

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