Watch: Enraged man drives car into News Café


Johannesburg man is due to appear in court after he attempted to ram his vehicle into News Café in Rosebank on Friday night.

When a the man was refused entry to the trendy hangout spot, chaos ensued.

According to News Café management, the man returned “in a fit of rage” and attempted to enter the establishment again, this time using his vehicle.

The man, who was not a customer, allegedly entered News Café Rosebank and caused a commotion. According to management, he insulted, antagonised, and intimidated customers. The establishment’s security personnel were able to remove the man from the premises, but it was not the last time he was seen.

Later that evening, the man returned “in a fit of rage” and attempted to drive his vehicle into News Café. He did not succeed in his goal, but there was extensive property damage, including vehicles, furniture, and the building’s façade.

Watch the incident below